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Hire String Quartet (Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello)

Our String Quartet is the perfect choice when it comes to live music and entertainment for weddings and events. Our string quartet musicians have years of experience and possess advanced degrees in music, thus you can be assured that you and your guests will be treated to an unforgettable performance!  

Our equally talented string musicians are assigned and scheduled based on location to avoid travel fees. Do you have a preferred group/musician? Please contact us and we will make necessary arrangements to assign your preferred artists at your event.

With our vast collection of songs, you are sure to find the right music for that perfect moment, whether it be for a wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, gala, luncheon or dinner reception. Our quartet has more than 1000 songs in their library and the music is constantly updated. Do you want a song especially played for you? Contact us and our string quartet wedding will arrange and learn the song just for you!

Our Los Angeles String Quartet have performed at hundreds of locations in Southern California. Click HERE to see locations and venues. They are knowledgeable on each venue’s particular rules and regulations. Our teams cover Orange County String Quartet, Los Angeles String Quartet, San Diego County String Quartet, Santa Barbara String Quartet and Palm Springs String Quartet.

String Quartet's wedding and other events past performances

Additional Information

  • Can learn any song
  • Indoors/Outdoors
  • Acoustic Violinist
  • Acoustic Cellist
  • Acoustic Violist

Repertoire Genres

  • Classical
  • Hip-Hop
  • Rock
  • RnB
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Country
  • And more...

Accepts the Following:

  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Cocktail Hour
  • Playing with DJ
  • Corporate Events
  • Engagement Proposals

Booking and General Policy

Our Team

Meet our team of talented string musicians ready to perform and serenade you with beautiful music! Leave it to us to select the artists to play at your event. We match our artists according to venue location, availability, and type of songs requested. If you have a preference for a particular artist/s, please let us know, and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Check out our top-rated artists below!

WEDDING CELLIST Southern California


LA, OC, SD & Temecula

San Diego Wedding Cellist


OC, SD & Temecula

Art Ocdamia Founder - OMG


OC, LA, Palm Springs

Southern California Cellist - Anne


OC, LA, Santa Barbara

Rebecca Cellist Los Angeles


Southern California

Isaiah Cellist Los Angeles


Los Angeles

Camile - Violinist Los Angeles


LA & Santa Barbara

Wedding Violinist Covering San Diego Area


OC, SD & Temecula

String Quartet Orange County


LA & Santa Barbara

Our Team Angelito Molina Wedding Violinist Ocdamia Music Group


LA & Santa Barbara

Our Team Lavette Allen Violist


Southern California

String Quartet San Diego


OC, SD & Temecula

San Diego Violinist Violinist


OC, SD & Temecula​

Southern California Professional Musician


OC, SD & Temecula

Orange County Wedding Ceremony Musician


Southern California

Indian Wedding Music Violinist


Southern California

String Quartet Temecula


OC, SD & Temecula​

Solo Classical and Contemporary Violinist


Southern California

Los Angeles Violinist String Quartet


OC, LA, Malibu Area

HipHop-Classical Solo Violinist


OC, LA, Malibu Area​

Hip-hop Violinist in San Diego


OC, SD & Temecula​

Cecile - Palm Springs Violinist


OC & Palm Springs



Los Angeles

Justina Violinist Orange County


OC, LA & Palm Springs

What our past clients say about our string quartet

Ron A.
Whittier, California
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My wife loves string performances so she obviously wanted strings at our own wedding. My fiancée (at the time) scheduled with Margie (the manager) for my mom and I for a free sample performance/concert in a hotel in Anaheim, CA. I showed up with my mom and my fiancée's mom. Margie was more than accommodating when we checked into the venue. There were other vendors there selling their services. One was for food, one was a photographer and I forgot what the other vendor offered as of now. Been over a year since I attended this sample performance.After the sample performance, I definitely agreed with my fiancée to hire them. We got the quartet for the ceremony only. Once we agreed with the cost and contract, Margie and I contacted each other back-and-forth via email until we selected all the music necessary for the ceremony. Margie even coordinated with the church music ministry coordinator. I thought it was going to be a nightmare to coordinate between Margie and the church music min coordinator, but it all worked out well. They both contacted each other when they could without me being too much of the middle man.Thank you Margie, Art, and the rest of the string quartet. You made our wedding a memorable one! I will recommend you all to my friends who are looking for strings to be played at any event: wedding, debut, company party and etc.
Alex N.
Green Castle, Pasadena
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My wife and I hired Margie and the Ocdamia Strings for our October 1, 2016 wedding at Castle Green. I initially never planned on it but youtubed a song played by a Los Angeles String Quartet and thought, "hey, this sounds great. I wonder if I can have one at my wedding?" So I decided to check out several string quartets on Craigslist. There are a lot, so I basically selected mine based on their youtube channel. They're one of the few that even has examples of their quality, and by far, the one with the most songs on youtube for me to hear...locally. So I called Margie and we went over what they would provide and how much it would cost. They were reasonable and I eventually booked them for 3 hours. They even provided the amplified speakers for free!What I loved about them is they are on top of their emails (always answering me back within the hour!) and that they've been to Castle Green before. So they knew where to sit and play. Super easy to work with and super friendly. They invited me to some of their live showings but I was unable to attend any due to my schedule. They gave me a form to submit for a playlist and an online portal to send it to and to make my payments.Really nothing bad to say about these guys. They're super professional, even came almost an hour early to their specified time. They even learned the Imperial March for me for when the groomsman were suppose to walk down the aisle to...although it was never played because of a miscommunication, they still played a beautiful song for us all to walk down to. No harm, no foul. One gentleman came up to me and apologized for not playing it and even Margie sent an email after to apologize. They take great pride in their work and service.Once they finished the ceremony and moved to the lobby area, they played spectacularly. The guests raved about their quality and songs. I'd suggest picking pop songs as they came out GREAT! My guests loved my selection of music. I was bummed I couldn't enjoy much of their music because I was busy with groom stuff, but I did allow them to record themselves and they will show me when they've finished editing everything.In summary, having Margie and the Ocdamia Strings was a great touch to our wedding and added a classical flare to our venue. It was worth the cost and I wish I could enjoy them in person with my song selection...may have to hire them for our 1 year anniversary just so I could listen to them.
Jupiter A.
Santa Ana, California
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After searching throughout the internet for a string quartet wedding, we found The Ocdamia Strings. And let me tell you, they did not disappoint. First of all, the customer service was outstanding. Margie was the main contact and she assisted us throughout the entire process with immediate responses. Planning a wedding can be a bit stressful at times especially when a vendor doesn't respond to you right away. That was never the case for Margie. She explained everything thoroughly and clearly each time. As far as the band, we ended up hiring their quintet, specifically to play a special song on our request. By the way, they have an amazing arranger that can write any music notes if you do decide on a song not on their repertoire. Anyways, the quintet showed up on time, and played our song more than perfect. And I highly commend the quintet because our venue was outdoors with gusty winds averaging 35mpg. This type of weather can drastically affect a musician along with the sound of their instrument, but the quintet played through it, so I am very grateful for them, and I appreciated that they mustered through the bad weather. So what are you waiting for? Hire them now before they're booked!



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