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A veteran of the Southern California saxophone music and entertainment scene, Jason has been playing the saxophone for over 30 years. Originally hailing from the Chicago area, Jason has 8 CDs under his belt as well as numerous guest appearances on other artists’ recordings. One of the busiest musicians around, Jason performs an average of 300 live shows per year with his own group as well as free-lancing with a number of other artists & bands. This makes Jason as one of the sought-after wedding solo saxophonists in Southern California.
Jason performs exclusively on Drake Mouthpieces & D’Addario Woodwinds Select Jazz reeds. Jason is a Drake Mouthpieces and D’Addario Performing Artist.
Jason has taken his talents to perform with several international recording artists including: Gerald Albright, Everette Harp, Brian Auger, Alex Ligertwood, Robert & Dean Deleo (Stone Temple Pilots), Brandon Fields and Steve Ferrone among others.

Jason's past performances

Additional Information

  • Can learn any song
  • Indoors/Outdoors
  • Can travel all areas in Southern California

Repertoire Genres

  • Classical
  • Hip-Hop
  • Rock
  • RnB
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Country
  • And more...

Accepts the Following:

  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Cocktail Hour
  • Playing with DJ
  • Corporate Events
  • Engagement Proposals
  • Special Events

FAQ, Booking and General Policy

Kenny G plays a soprano saxophone, although he occasionally plays the alto and tenor saxophone. A famous saxophone player, he is known for his silky-smooth jazz notes and his best-selling albums.

Saxophones are popular in Jazz as the music genre relies heavily on improvisation. Also, the saxophone allows the player to play around with different notes and styles, making it one of the core instruments in jazz music.

Saxophones generally need little amplification in an indoor setting. However, the loudness varies greatly on the saxophone player. For outdoor settings, we recommend that saxophones are amplified to make sure that its loud enough for the crowd to hear and enjoy.

If you’re looking for the title of that famous saxophone song, it probably is Baker Street by the smooth jazz sax player Gerry Rafferty. This particular piece/arrangement is known for its saxophone riff.

What our past clients say

Kaci M.
Los Angeles, California
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I am a wedding coordinator in Southern California, and I have had the pleasure of working with Ocdamia Strings!! First and for most, they are professional!! They understand the importance of being on time the day of a wedding!! Second, they are VERY talented!! My last wedding, I had the privilege to work with their Saxophonist, Jason. He is beyond talents!!!
Josh E.
NOOR, Pasadena, California
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Short and sweet, if you are looking for a live band of any sort, book through OCdamia. They are extremely professional and very helpful when it comes to making sure that whatever event you are throwing will have wonderful music. My Wife and I used them for our wedding and it was one of the easiest parts of planning the wedding. When the day arrived everything went smoothly and the music was incredible.
Roy M.
Coyote Hills, Fullerton, California
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When we were considering how we would handle the music for the ceremony and the reception of our daughter's wedding, My questions were answered when I heard the Ocdamia strings playing at the food tasting at coyote Hills country club. We felt like we were listening to what exceeded our expectations. I found through the decision process , Working with the staff gave me a sense of trust with the kind of people I could be comfortable with and trust. Next the details that took place to make sure that every step of the ceremony and the reception were handled correctly was accomplished with intentional diligence to ensure our satisfaction. Working with one source for the ceremony and the reception simplified this portion of our one in a lifetime events. I believe you will be Extremely grateful for choosing this team for any event you may have.

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