January 28, 2019

Admiral Baker Golf Club

Admiral Baker Golf Club (San Diego) Ceremony Wedding Music

Make your wedding or event at Admiral Baker Golf Club come to life with live music! Located in sunny San Diego, Admiral Baker Golf Club features panoramic views of the golf course and the surrounding mountains. The clubhouse features early California-style architecture, making it a perfect location for a romantic wedding. It can also host special occasions such as birthday parties, corporate events, and celebrations, with live music, of course!

Grand Presidio Ballroom at Admiral Baker – Live Music and Entertainment

A popular wedding venue, Admiral Baker Golf Club is home to the grand Presidio Ballroom. This ballroom can accommodate more than 300 guests at a time. It is decorated with chandeliers and beautiful dark wood accents. Also, the ballroom opens up to views of the golf course. 

Ocdamia Music Group has played at countless weddings and events hosted at the Admiral Baker Golf Club. Having a string quartetsolo harpist, or any musician or artist of your choice, perform at your event will definitely add a romantic touch to this venue. 

Make your event at the Admiral Baker Golf Club an especially memorable one by booking live musicians from OMG!

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