May 27, 2019

Live Music Showcase coming this October!

Orange County Best Violinist

Ocdamia Music Group

Ocdamia Music Group is proud to announce that we are hosting our Annual Live Music Showcase this coming October _, 2019 at the __.

Come and join our event and listen to our talented musicians, live bands, and DJs perform your favorite songs live. Be treated to amazing performances, good food, and overflowing drinks at the beautiful _. Experience amazing live music and top-notch entertainment, only from the Ocdamia Music Group.

Join us for an afternoon of good food, overflowing drinks, and beautiful music!


Enjoy performances from Southern California’s top-rated wedding and event musicians.

  • Soloists

  • Duet

  • Trio

  • Quartet

  • Live Band

  • DJ/Emcee

Do you have a song in mind for your bridal entrance? RSVP now so you can hear it live!

Massive Wooden Structures

The earliest Japanese architecture was seen in prehistoric times in simple pit-houses and stores that were not adapted to a hunter-gatherer population.

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